Multiple Teams · North Dallas runners keeping eye on competition

Natalie Chaparro took third place in the junior varsity division.
Natalie Chaparro took second place in the junior varsity division. (Photos by Ray Salinas)


The District 12-5A cross country meet is still several weeks away, but North Dallas coach Troy Power is keeping his eye on the competition.

At Saturday’s meet behind Kincaide Stadium, the Bulldogs finished third  among the district teams competing in the Garey Horner Invitational meet, hosted by Molina.

We did pretty good, but still have work to do though,” Power said in an email. “The main thing is their team time is improving.”

Natalie Chapparo finished second in 24.13 in the junior varsity division.

The girls varsity had an average time of 26:57 and the boys had an average time of 23:52, Power said.

“I thought that both did well, but can do better,” Power said.

The Bulldogs will compete Saturday at the Conrad meet, which starts at 8:30 a.m.

competes at the Garey Horner Invitational.
Edith Cervantes was the top girls varsity finisher at the Gary Horner Invitational.

Varsity results
M 5000m 91 Jose Gutierrez        20:13.28
M 5000m 122 Leo Campos         21:48.85
M 5000m 127 Antonio Zaragoza 22:23.95
M 5000m 131 Steven Do            23:38.24
M 5000m 136 Jesus Perez         25:37.60

F 5000m 72 Edith Cervantes    27:35.42
F 5000m 75 Abigail Aldape      28:20.44
F 5000m 76 Xya Balderas        28:20.89
F 5000m 78 Kathy Nguyen       28:59.50
F 5000m 86 Marielena Garcia  30:10.98
F 5000m 90 Leslie Canales     32:32.78
F 5000m 94 Jennifer Lopez     36:54.48

Junior Varsity results
M 5000m 93 Bryan Vizueta               24:16.72
M 5000m 124 Roberto Ramirez        27:24.75
M 5000m 147 Filipos Tesfamichael   34:21.64

F 5000m 2 Natalie Chaparro G    24:13.67
F 5000m 87 Mary Valdivia           31:34.79
F 5000m 112 Alexis Castilleja     38:32.94
F 5000m 114 Sky Ramirez         42:10.94

Abigail Aldape competes for the girls varsity.
Abigail Aldape competes for the girls varsity.