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Bulldogs News · For 6 North Dallas High students, debate camp ‘will forever be a great opportunity’

Six North Dallas High students attended Debate Camp at Baylor University this summer, thanks to the assistance of the North Dallas Bulldog Support League.

“They had a blast, and learned so much on this year’s topic, which is all about education finance,” Jo Anne Rohde said in an email to the NDBSL. “School will be starting soon, and that means tournament season will follow shortly after. Our ND kids are some of the most prepared in the district. That is directly tied to all of your support!”

op: Kathy, Brenda, Rosa Sanchez. Bottom: Reina Garcia, Jerah, Tina Nguyen
The North Dallas High students included (back row, from left) Kathy Nguyen, Brenda Cruz, Rosa Sanchez; and (front row, from left) Reina Garcia, Jerah Sanchez and Tina Nguyen.


Rohde, who left North Dallas after the 2016-17 school year, hopes  the debate class will continue this fall.

Kathy, studying lecture notes.
Kathy Nguyen studies her notes. Kathy and her partner Jerah often stayed up until 4 a.m.

Two North Dallas High seniors reflected on their experience at debate camp.

Senior Kathy Nguyen said she was running on “lack of sleep and caffeine” during her week at Debate Camp, but she “had a wonderful time.”

“I’ve made so many friends during my time at Baylor because we all had one thing in common: coffee and late-night prepping,” Kathy said in an email. “I thought my partner Jerah [Sanchez] and I were the only ones who prepped till 4 in the morning, but I was definitely wrong. This motivated us even more to push through the week with no sleep.

“As captain of the team, I knew prepping and taking notes was crucial, so that’s what I did. It stressed my brain but it’s something that’ll prepare me for college. I think my favorite memory of camp was when the entire ND team was practicing reading our speeches, and let me tell you… debaters read FAST. People would walk into the room and see crazy hand gestures, spit flying, six timers going off all at once. It was crazy. Nobody dared to walk in the room when all six of the ND debaters practiced.

“I would also like to add that I’ve attended so many debate camps over the years, but this one was special. It was the last debate camp I’m ever going to be attend to as a high schooler, so I want to thank NDBSL and Ms. Rohde for giving me an opportunity to show my strength for one last season.

Brenda and Rosa.
Brenda Cruz is excited about the upcoming year for the North Dallas High debate team.

For senior Brenda Cruz, she said debate camp was different from drill team routines and just a “great opportunity.”

“Debate camp was definitely different from counting 8-counts and doing pirouettes but it was a great opportunity to experience,” Brenda said in an email. “The week revolved around prepping until 3 a.m. and stops by Starbucks before most lectures. It definitely gave me the feel of being a college student but everyone was so nice to my entire team.

“One of the peaks of the week was wining a souvenir for impact calculus along with my partner for her great flowing skills. I’m excited for what this year of debate holds for both of us.

“The bond between the girls and I grew enormously and I had the chance to meet different students who all share loving to argue with one another. This year debate camp was my first and last since I will be graduating this year but I would give anything to have the opportunity to go represent our school again, thus I’m thankful our NDBSL. It will forever be a great opportunity I experienced.”

Jerah, taking notes while Professors lecture over the new debate topic, how the government should spend money in education.
Jerah Sanchez takes notes while professors lecture over the new debate topic, “how the government should spend money in education.”


Making friends and taking an ice cream break!
Making friends and taking an ice cream break!


Top: Jerah Sanchez, Bottom: Brenda Cruz, Kathy Nguyen. Attending the end of camp awards party.
Jerah Sanchez (standing) joins in the fun with Brenda Cruz (left) and Kathy Nguyen at the end of camp awards party.