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Bulldogs News · North Dallas student profile: Maria Reynoso, Vikingettes officer

One of the outstanding students at North Dallas High School is Vikingettes Third  Lt. Maria Reynoso.

Maria is a senior and has been on the Vikingettes for three years.

Maria took a few minutes to answer some questions about herself:

Mary reynoso
Maria Reynoso also participates in Student Council, LULAC, and Young Life.

Maria Reynoso

Age: 18
Grade: 12th
College you are considering to attend: Texas A&M
Major you are considering in college: major in Business Management
Middle school attended: Alex W. Spence Middle School
School activities: Student Council, LULAC, Young Life, and Vikingettes Drill Team
My hobby is: dancing.
I’m most proud of: finally becoming a senior and proudly say that I am almost out of high school and I made it!
maria reynoso
Maria Reynoso says being an officer has helped her build her leadership skills.
My favorite classes are: Algebra and Environmental Science.
My favorite teachers are: Mr. Davenport and Ms. King.
A favorite restaurant is: Olive Garden.
My favorite movie is: “The Great Gatsby”
My favorite actress/actor is: Leonardo Dicaprio.
My favorite musical artist is: Lou Ruiz.
My favorite professional team is: The Dallas Cowboys.
My favorite pro athlete is:  Dez Bryant.
I wish I knew how to: draw.
The last book I read was: “Tears of A Tiger,” in which I recommend.
If I could travel anywhere, I would go:  to Australia.
The two people I’d most like to meet are: Bruno Mars and Dez Bryant.
The best advice I ever received was: “Anything is possible, never give up,” coming from my brother.
The person that inspires me is: my mom, because she’s such an strong independent woman.
One thing people don’t know about me is: that I am very shy.
When I’m not at school, I enjoy: spending time with my family as well as going horseback riding.
Maria Reynoso
Maria Reynoso enjoys the bond the Vikingettes have on the squad.
How long have you been with the Vikingettes?
I’ve been part of the drill team for 3 years.
Life on  the Vikingettes has: been one of the best experience I ever had. I’ve learned so much from it such as how to have confidence and meet new people.
Which is harder to do — a high kick or a split?
I would have to say high kicks is the hardest thing to do, because there’s so much technique to perform a perfect high kick.
What does being an officer mean to you?
Being an officer is a privilege, it means a lot to mean. It helps me build up my leadership skills.
What has been the best  moment so far this season?
One of the best moments has been winning the homecoming game, since it has been so long that we haven’t won a homecoming game.
What do you enjoy most about being on the Vikingettes squad?
What I enjoy the most is the bond all of the girls have.
Mary Reynoso
Maria Reynoso, walking with Bulldogs QB  Kavonn Price, was one of the senior class nominees at Homecoming.


Mary Reynoso Maria Reynoso (left) says she would like to study Business Management in college.