Debate team · No arguments here. North Dallas debate team makes its point count

The North Dallas Hgh School Debate team includes Chesley Nguyen, Nancy Le, Reina Garcia, Tina Nguyen, Ailyah Reeves and Jerah Sanchez.

North Dallas High School’s Debate team has competed in two tournaments this semester. The team is under the direction of Bridget Goree, who is in her first year as sponsor.

In one debate tournament, Goree said many of the students were partnered for the first time. The novice team of Chelsey Nguyen and Nancy Le won two of their three rounds. The JV team of Reina Garcia and Tina Nguyen won third place and Varsity team of Aliyah Reeves and Jerah Sanchez took ninth place.

Aliyah Reeves took fifth place in the Outstanding Speaker Awards.

“They were so excited and I was incredibly proud,” Goree said in an email.

In the District Debate Tournament just before Thanksgiving, Aliyah Reeves won sixth place in the Varsity Division Team category and fifth place in the Outstanding Speaker Awards. The JV team of Garcia and Nguyen took ninth overall, and Tina took ninth and Reina took 10th in the Outstanding Speaker Awards.

“Our novice team of Chelsey Nguyen and Nancy Le continue to improve and become a stronger team,” Goree said. “I am so incredibly proud of this team and all that they accomplished and continue to do.”

Goree also gave special thanks to Rosa Sandoval, who represented the North Dallas team as a judge, and Taylor Milton, who supported all of the teams as a new member.

The JV team of Tina Nguyen and Reina Garcia took third place in one tournament.

Team Members
(Many of these students will change divisions in the second semester.)
The Varsity team includes Rosa Sandoval, Jessy Silva, Jerah Sanchez, and Aliyah Reeves
The JV team includes Tina Nguyen and Reina Garcia
The Novice team includes Chelsey Nguyen, Nancy Le, Taylor Milton and Juan Quevedo.
The student mentors include Kathy Nguyen, Delia Lopez, and Julian Canales.


North Dallas High’s Debate team includes Taylor Milton, Nancy Le, Chesley Nguyen, Tina Nguyen, Reina Garcia, Aliyah Reeves and Ms. Bridget Goree.