Boys Varsity Tennis Spring, Girls Varsity Tennis Spring · North Dallas tennis team shows ‘their excitement for the sport’

(top row, from left) Jeremy Horstman, Alexis Galindo, Yadira Salome, Alma Macias, Emily Santillan, Celis Ordonez, and Alejandro Murillo (captain); (Bottom row, from left) Esperanza Manqueros, Jerah Sanchez, Nancy Le, and Rosalba Medina. Not pictured are Kevin Rojas, Marilyn Santana, and Octavia Legans


North Dallas tennis coach Jeremy Horstman likes the enthusiasm of his team. In his first season as the tennis coach, Horstman recalled some team members talking about getting together for an extra practice.

“A bunch wanted to get together and go out on their own tomorrow,” he said recently after a Thursday practice. “Then one of the girls said, ‘I can’t be here on Friday, but I can be here on Sunday.’  …

“Well, I can’t be here on Sunday,” Horstman said with a laugh.

Team captain Alejandro Murrillo stretches to make the return.


Horstman is still getting used to being called “coach,” but most students call him “Mr. Horstman” since he teaches most of the players in his classes.

“I didn’t ever see myself coaching but I like doing it because the kids all want to do it. They all want to learn,” he said.

“That’s one of the things I’m most excited about. To get out there with them, and see their excitement for the sport.”

The Bulldogs started their spring season against Bryan Adams on Jan. 30. Their next match is against Seagoville at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at Kiest Tennis Center.

Horstman has four boys and eight girls on the team. Spring tennis is based on individual competition, with six singles matches, two doubles matches and a mix match.

Yadira Salome hits the return in front of Rosalba Medina during warm-ups for the match against BA.


“All of them can play one doubles and one singles,” he said of the boys team. “With the girls, I’ll have enough to play with the numbers. With the boys, everybody will have to play a single and everybody will have to play a double.”

With the fall season behind them, the players are just a little stronger for the spring season.

“They’re getting right back into it,” Horstman said. “They’re very supportive of each other. We have a couple who are very competitive but then the rest are out there to have fun and try something new.

“I always tell them that ‘Yes, it matters if you win because this is a sport. But to me, winning isn’t the most important part. I want you to go out there and have fun, and learn from your mistakes and leave the court a better tennis player than when you arrived.”

Coach Jeremy Horstman watches as Alexis Galindo (left) and Celis Ordonez wait.


Nancy Le hits a return during warm-ups.