Boys Varsity Baseball · ND hosts Spence vs. Rusk in baseball game, followed by cookout to “form a friendship and bond’

The Spence and Rusk junior high teams stand together after the game. Spence won 6-3.

On Wednesday, Spence played Rusk in baseball at the North Dallas field. And Spence won.

More importantly, the schools may be opposing each other on this day, but next year or the following year, they will be joining together to play for North Dallas High School. These players will form future Bulldogs teams.

“We wanted to form a sense of community with Spence and Rusk,” said North Dallas baseball coach Steven De La Cerda. “By hosting this event, it brings three quality schools and programs together to form a friendship and bond. We truly value and appreciate the coaches and staff at Spence and Rusk. Keeping those boys and athletes in our school is of the utmost importance!”

Athletic coordinator Brian Barnett said,  “We just wanted to show those kids and their families the special things we have going on at ND. With open enrollment, it’s important to connect with our feeder schools and make them aware of all of the opportunities we have to offer.”

The event featured the game, followed by a hot dog cookout, and a conversation with Ben Pollard, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes director for the area.  The North Dallas baseball team players were also on hand.

Coach De La Cerda said they are thankful for the North Dallas Booster Club, Coach Barnett, Mrs. Eska, Silvia Salinas, Mr. Mouton, Mr. Davenport, Coach Cortez, and all those who helped make this event happen.

The Rusk-Spence softball teams will play at North Dallas on April 18.


Fans watch the game on the North Dallas baseball field.


Coaches Cortez Cole and Steven De La Cerda get the hot dogs ready.


Spence and Rusk baseball players chow down on the food.