Boys Varsity Football · Deion Sanders rewards North Dallas Coach Desireé Allen for her ‘compassion” to the kids, community

At the end of Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition, North Dallas Coach Desiree Allen meets Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Desireé Allen, meet Willy Capel. Willy is an older gentleman, and he wants to learn about coaching. As he’s driving to North Dallas High, Willy says he wants to meet an intercity coach who he has heard is “phenomenal.”

Oh, Willy says the filming is part of a documentary, but actually, Willy is former NFL standout Deion “Prime Time” Sanders and the filming is for CBS’ “Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition.”

Allen, the defensive backs coach at North Dallas, shows Willy how to coach with the help of some North Dallas players at Cole Park. She shows Willy the drills, and then allows him to coach the players.

“Desireé is awesome,” Willy says to the camera. “She’s got technique, work ethic, compassion. … She was trying to coach me. I know this stuff like the back of my hand.”

Coach Allen talks to Willy about coaching the defensive backs. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


After the workouts, Allen and Willy sit down and talk about helping the kids at North Dallas High School. Allen makes note of the economically disadvantaged kids and also the homeless kids at North Dallas. And a lot of them “play football,” she says.

“We don’t complain about what we have,” Allen says to Willy. “We make do with what we have.”

After relating how she pays for some things to help the players, she says, “It’s easy to give things away when you know that other person can benefit.”


Coach Allen has an emotional moment as she talks about helping the kids at North Dallas. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


And she continues, “The talent is there. There just needs to be something or someone to bring that out of the kids. And to keep them going. And for a lot of these kids, football is their life, their way out of the hood.”

Willy praises Allen’s effort to give back to the kids and the community.

“Desireé is a positive force in such a negative atmosphere,” he says, “and oftentimes, those persons in there holding up the fort need support.”


“We’re a family,” Coach Allen says as she invites Willy to join in at the end of practice. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Later, Coach Allen is seen at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, where she gets to meet Deion Sanders and the others in the program.

“I honestly did not know that was Deion Sanders,” Allen says.

In a one-on-one interview, Sanders tells Allen, “You connect with people. First of all, you’re vital to that school, to that community, to all those kids. You have no idea. Would you allow me to help you?”

Sanders says he’s giving Allen $10,000 to reimburse her, and another $10,000 to purchase “new gear or whatever the team needs,” and then he invites her to coach at his “Prime 21” camp, where .

“Deion Sanders changed my life because he showed that he believed in me for me,” Allen says, “and he’s providing an opportunity for me to excel, and my kids to excel. That’s priceless.”


Coach Allen prepares to go over the drills with the boys as Willy watches. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Coach Allen goes over a drill and gets Willy involved in the drill. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Coach Allen talks to the North Dallas boys. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Willy and Coach Allen talk about giving back to help the kids at North Dallas. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)


Deion Sanders gets emotional as he talks to Coach Allen later in a one-on-one conversation. (Image source: CBS-TV screenshot)