Bulldogs News · Congrats, Mary Ann Naig, North Dallas High School’s Teacher of the Year

Mary Ann Naig, who teaches Pre-calculus and Algebra 2, has been at North Dallas for 12 years.


[Update: Ms. Naig is teacher of the year for the 2018-19 school year. ]

In early June, North Dallas named Mary Ann Naig as the 2018-19 Teacher of the Year, and Scotty Martin was named Support Staff of the Year.

But Naig, a Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2 teacher, was already overseas to help her family with the death of her mother. She recently returned to teach summer school at North Dallas.  She will receive an award, along with a reserved parking spot for the year.

“There are a lot of great teachers in NDHS and for me to get this award is a blessing,” said Naig in an email. “I owe this honor to those who nominated me as well as those who voted for me. Thank you for believing I deserved this award.”

Naig, who has been at North Dallas for 12 years, took a few minutes to answer  a few questions about herself:


Mary Ann Naig joins the other math teachers — (from left) MadelosAngeles Ramirez, Maria Christina Peralta, Coach Desireé Allen, and Tiffany Boren —  in support of Allen, who plays for the Dallas Elite women’s football team.

Mary Ann Naig

High school attended: ANS D.O.S.T. High School

Colleges attended and major: University of The Philippines, Masters in Management; West Visayas State University,  Math, English

What subjects do you teach: Precalculus and Algebra 2

What activities or clubs do you coach or involved with: UIL Number Sense, UIL Accounting, UIL Math, UIL Calculator Applications

My hobbies are: crocheting, gardening, writing, and traveling with family

I’m most proud of: being part of the NDHS community, and has held on to its ideals and beliefs in serving its academic community

The best book I ever read was: “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom

My favorite musical artist is: Amy Grant

My favorite restaurant is: Cheddar’s

I wish I knew how to: drive amidst crazy traffic

The best advice I ever received was: “Hold your head up high and think positive admist difficult circumstances.”

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to: Europe and its surrounding places

Nobody knows I: grew up in a small island and never learned how to swim.

I get inspiration from: reading God’s Words, lives of men and women who suceeded in life despite their difficult circumstances

Mary Ann Naig coaches the North Dallas students at the UIL events.


How would you describe your year at ND?
Very rewarding. The students worked hard, administration and my colleagues were very supportive.

What does this honor mean to you?
I am very thankful. This honor is everyone’s honor, too. Everyone worked hard as I did and I owe my colleagues this honor. Without them, I would not receive this honor.

What do you attribute this success to?
My students who made me feel appreciated and allowed me to function well in the classroom. But more importantly, the NDHS community who voted and believed I should be receiving this award.

Your thoughts on teaching at North Dallas?
I have been in this campus since 2006. There were times I felt like moving out closer to where I live but it is too difficult to leave. Every year there are new inspirations to look forward to: a new set of students and the challenges and surprises they bring to the classroom. In 2017-2018, new leadership made me feel like something great is about to happen at NDHS. Despite some challenges,  the NDHS community is full of warm and compassionate teachers who work together to help the students achieve their goals.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
Being around students and making them discover there is something beyond the mathematics I am teaching them. That is making them discover their innate capacity to overcome difficult circumstances and helping them face their “giants” in life. When they come back years later and tell me how they are, it melts my heart and makes me feel like I am indeed in the right profession.

What were the top three memorable moments for you from this past school year?
Students whom I never taught helping me move out from my previous classroom to my new one in another building. They did this with no expected reward from me; listening to Mr. Ryan Davenport read the appreciation letters my students wrote for me over a baseball game event and having Ms. Katherine Eska as our administrator and overseer of the Math department. It was great year having her.

Mary Ann Naig, attending a North Dallas football game, said to receive the teacher of the year award “is a blessing.”