Girls Varsity Cross Country · With big sister off to college, North Dallas’ Tina Nguyen finding her way in cross country

Tina Nguyen poses with Coach Troy Power, holding the first place trophy, and Pureza Murillo.


Tina Nguyen was pretty happy after her run on Sept. 1 at the Dallas Coaches Association meet at Jesse Owens Complex.

“I did a lot better than how I started off,” said Tina, who finished as the Lady Bulldogs’ third runner in 19:36. “And I went down 30 seconds. I’m really happy.”

The North Dallas girls team took first place in the 4A division, but it wasn’t easy because of the hot weather and humidity.


“It’s like an oven out here,” Tina said. “So, just the weather conditions, the sun is blazing on us and there’s no shade. I feel like for me, mentally, that was one hard thing.”

Running in her first two-mile race, Tina said it was also difficult seeing other runners drop out because of the heat.

“Yeah, I passed by and I see girls just down on the ground,” she said. “But as a runner, you can’t stop to help somebody, you have to keep on going and you just pray that they’ll be OK. … Everybody’s running … because I had a second, ‘OMG, I was thinking ‘I’m about to give out, I’m about to give out.’ You could hear the coaches yelling at their players, ‘You got to keep going Keep going you have only 200 meters, 200 meters.’

“And I was like, ‘OK, keep going, there’s only 200 meters.’ And then people, alumni, from our school, they were running with us. ‘Keep going, keep going, come on Bulldogs, eat them up. Eat them up. Don’t let them pass you.’ That was really a good feeling to have somebody run beside you.”


Tina Nguyen overcame the heat on Sept. 1 to finish in 19:36.


Tina played softball and was also on  the swimming team last year for North Dallas, along with her older sister Kathy. But she’s on her own this year because Kathy is off to college at Sam Houston State.

“Ahh…It really is. It’s lonely,” Tina said about missing her sister. “At first, I was like, ‘Yeah, Kathy’s gone, I don’t have to worry about her.’ But she was my rock here, and she helped me get into cross country here.”

Tina Nguyen heads toward the finish line Sept. 1 at the DCA meet.


After taking Saturday off, the North Dallas cross country team returns to action in the Lake Highlands meet on Saturday at Norbuck Park.


The girls team took first place on Sept. 1 at the DCA meet. The Lady Bulldogs included (front) Marielena Garcia and Pureza Murillo; (back row), My Nguyen, Ruby Gutierrez, Tina Nguyen, Coach Troy Power and Yomarra Gutierrez.