Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · North Dallas coach sees potential with runners Sergio Cibrian and Sonnie Mathis

Sergio Cibrian crosses the finish line for North Dallas.


Sonnie Mathis makes the final turn toward the finish line.


Saturday’s meet was the one that North Dallas Coach Troy Power was waiting for.

He finally had Sergio Cibrian and Sonnie Mathis running together at the Conrad Classic for the first time this season. Sonnie was ahead after the first lap and they ran together in the second lap, but Sergio moved ahead after that.

Sergio finished the three-mile run in 18:57, and Sonnie followed in 19:19. At the district meet on Oct. 11, the Bulldogs will be running two miles.

“I’m just glad to actually have both of them at the same time,” Power said. “Like I’ve said, I just want to grab the popcorn and watch the show. I want to get a drone that fits my behind and kinda go and watch.”

Sergio said of this run, “It was easy. I’ve been practicing every day, and I’m getting better.”

“We are competitive,” Sonnie said. “When we first started off in cross country, I was faster than him [Sergio] and now all of a sudden — I really didn’t come to practice that often because I’m in club soccer — and when he went to practice, he worked harder. He just beat me this time. I don’t know about next time.”

Competing in his second meet this season, Sonnie said the mud slowed him down.

“It was a real good run,” Sonnie said. “It shows everybody’s potential to come out here and show their heart out. In the last few yards near the finish line, they work their hardest.”


Pilar Pineda (from left) and Iliana Morfin received medals in the Junior Varsity division while Ruby Gutierrez medaled in the varsity race.


Ruby Gutierrez medaled in the varsity girls division with a top five finish in the three-mile run  Saturday, followed by Pureza Murrillo in 26:51, Tina Nguyen in 27:01, and Yanely Martinez in 28:55.

“I feel like I did better than my other meets,” Pureza said. “My time was better than the other meets.”

In the girls JV two-mile run, Iliana Morfin finished in 14:57, followed by Pilar Pineda in 15:37. Both received medals.

Looking ahead to the district meet on Oct. 11, Power said, “We should have Celis [Ordonez] at district, and so with those three running together, that will be very interesting. It will help out a lot. For the girls, we’ll have Yo [Yomarra Gutierrez] back, we’ll see how it goes with Iliana [Morfin] and Liz[beth Sanchez], they should be back, so we should be back in full force.”

With the talent on this year’s boys and girls team, Coach Power has his sights set on advancing to the regional meet this season. The season has had its challenges, but he works around the runners’ schedules.

“When we get everybody here, because we were missing some people, it’s going to be a nice little show,” he said.



Boys Varsity:
Sergio Cibrian 18:57
Sonnie Mathis 19:19
Alexis Galindo 22:45
Alejandro Macias 23:52
Julian Canales 24:01

JV Boys
Benito Lozano 25:03
Ibn Rasool 28:20
Carlos Escobedo 28:28

Varsity Girls
Ruby Gutierrez 22:47
Pureza Murrillo 26:51
Tina Nguyen 27:01
Yanely Martinez 28:55

JV Girls
Iliana Morfin 14:57
Pilar Pineda 15:37
Lizbeth Sanchez 17:16
Chelsey Nguyen 18:57
Abigail Galvan 19:57
My Nguyen 20:03



Senior Yanely Martinez sprints to the finish line as she passes a Hillcrest runner.


Pureza Murrillo smiles for the camera.


Alexis Galindo was the boys’ third finisher Saturday.