Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · North Dallas junior varsity girls continued learning process


The North Dallas junior varsity girls include (front, from left) Daiyanna Timms, Karyssa  Rodriguez, and Ja’Zay Mclemore; (back row, from left) Trinity Washington, Azeria Bennett,  Tiah Haven and Shakira Anderson.


After falling to Life Oak Cliff last week, Shakira Anderson and Ja’Zay McLemore had some thoughts on the North Dallas junior varsity’s performance.

“We had flaws,” Shakira said, “but we could always fix that.”

“I feel like everybody should communicate in the game,” Ja’Zay responded.

Shakira noted that the North Dallas junior varsity players have more to learn.

“This is our second game,” she said. “We have 14 more to go.”

“Although they have yet to maintain a lead for the win, they have shown improvement with each game,” said North Dallas JV Coach Natoscha Golightly. “We are definitely in it for the long run and are building skill sets that will allow us to win — and win big.”

The Lady Bulldogs’ junior varsity are scheduled to play Sunset at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Greiner Middle School in Oak Cliff.  The Lady Bulldogs varsity game will follow the JV game Tuesday.  Golightly assists head coach John Edwards with the varsity team. The North Dallas varsity is coming off a 74-32 win over Madison last Friday.


North Dallas’ Daiyanna Timms (4) looks to shoot against Life Oak Cliff



Ja’Zay explained that the junior varsity needs more team work.

“We all have to talk to each other,” Ja’Zay said. “Get to know where we are. How to play. Focus. Look at the game and just focus,” she said.

Shakira said, “Just learning where we need to be. How to run the play quicker and faster. Figure out how the other team is playing.”

Despite the loss, the Lady Bulldogs junior varsity played aggressively with energy.

“Well, coach always told us to hustle,” Ja’Zay said, recalling a time when she wrestled to the ground for the ball, “so that’s what I was trying to do. The other team got a couple good girls. We just have to practice more.”

Shakira, who fouled out of the game, agreed.

“We were slacking on defense. It’s something that you have to learn,” she said. “I had a foul off of swinging my elbows.”

Shakira grabbed the rebound under the North Dallas basket, and she swung her arms as she held on to the ball from two or three Life Oak Cliff players. But Shakira was called for the foul.

Ja’Zay said she’s not “at the so-called varsity level where they can do that. They say you have to pivot.”

It’s a learning process for the North Dallas junior varsity girls.


Ja’Zay McLemore (14) gets up after falling down as she wrestled for control of the ball.


Shakira Anderson talks with JV Coach Natoscha Golightly after fouling out against Life Oak Cliff.


Karyssa Rodriguez (5) looks toward the basket against Life Oak Cliff.


Trinity Washington (2) dribbles down the court as Karyssa Rodriguez watches.