Bulldogs News · North Dallas wrestlers getting better with techniques; prepare for city meet

The Lady Bulldogs wrestlers include (from left) Vivian Anthony, Holli Quach, Ladaysha Robinson and Jayla McIntosh.


North Dallas Coach Matthew Clay acknowledges that wrestling is a tough sport to learn, and while having strength is good, learning the techniques is better.

“Being a good athlete does not make you a good wrestler,” Clay said. “It’s not called weight lifting. … it’s called wrestling. It doesn’t really matter how much you bench press and all that. It’s a matter of technique.”

The North Dallas boys and girls wrestling teams will compete in the All-City Meet on Friday and Saturday at Adamson High School.

Clay is expecting good things from the girls team, which includes Jayla McIntosh, Ladaysha Robinson, Holli Quach and Vivian Anthony. He said the boys team is young but they’re working hard.

“We’re more experienced team this year,” Clay said. “Jayla McIntosh is a regional qualifier from last year. She was one match away from state. We expect her to make regionals and qualify for state. You got Ladaysha; she’s first-year wrestler but she’s pretty tough. We want to get her down to the 148 – 150 weight class. She’s going to create a lot of problems. She’s strong. A great athlete. Holli and Vivian are strong, so we’re looking at all four place in district. All four place in district and they got a chance to go to regionals. That’s the goal. We take it one match at a time.

“The boys team, we’re pretty young. We have one returning wrestler and that’s Terrell Carter. The rest are first-year wrestlers and they’re all sophomores but they’re working pretty hard. We want to get two or three district places out of there, and a couple of regional qualifiers. That’s what we’re looking for.”


Coach Matthew Clay helps Holli Quach adjust her headgear.


When it comes to wrestling, Clay said, “Six minutes. Some people call it six minutes of hell, some call it six minutes of pain because it’s just you and another kid that weighs the same weight. The same amount that you do. So that kid, if you’re in the 165 weight class, then that kid can’t weigh more than 165 pounds. It’s not like football where size really matters. You wrestle someone that weightwise is your equal.

“I tell everybody all the time that the best wrestler doesn’t always win. So sometimes you’re going to be put in bad situations, you have to learn how to fight through those situations.”

Clay used Ladaysha’s recent match as an example. She was trailing 7-2 to her opponent in her first-round match, but Ladaysha battled back and pinned her opponent. Ladaysha finished second in her weight class.

The Bulldogs learned a lot about techniques over the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, Clay said.

“We got real good with our technique,” Clay said. “It’s not hard to teach. They’re discipline. They come to practice every day. That’s the biggest thing. They listen and they believe. That’s great.

“Jayla, for her weight class, I think she’s probably the best athlete in the area. She’s also a great wrestler. A great athlete and a great wrestler is a good combination.”

Clay noted that most of the wrestlers are two-sport athletes.

“All our girls are two-sport athletes. All our boys are two-sport athletes, besides Juan and Abraham,” Clay said. “But most of our guys are football players and it helps them with balance and helps with really toughness, making them mentally tough. And our girls — Jayla, Holli and Vivian — are all three volleyball players and Ladaysha is softball player. So, we like to say at North Dallas, you have to share athletes. The more sports they play, the better they are.”



Despite her headgear falling off, LaDaysha Robinson uses technique to overcome her Samuel opponent.


North Dallas wrestler Vivian Anthony has her eyes on her opponent.