Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · North Dallas sending boys, girls relay teams to regionals: ‘We’re going to regionals!’

The North Dallas swim team includes (back, from left) Coach Stephanie Page, Noel Lopez, Carlos Lopez, Modesto Ottenwarden, Marco Garcia and Heath Waffer; (front, from left) Lauren Garcia, Marielena Garcia, Emily Arenas and Alicia Garcia.


North Dallas swim coach Stephanie Page was ready to leave Loos Natatorium Friday, but her boys and girls had other ideas. They wanted to keep alive the tradition of dunking their coach in the pool.

“We going to regionals, we’re going to regionals,” Coach Page hollared as her team lovingly surrounded her. “We’re going to regionals.”

But as they edged her toward the water, some thought the next meet would be more fitting. Because, after all, they are going to regionals.

The Bulldogs qualified the boys’ and girls’ 200-meter freestyle relay teams qualified for the UIL Region IV meet Feb. 1-2 at the LISD Aquatics Center West in Lewisville.

The girls team of Lauren Garcia, Alicia Garcia, Emily Arenas, and Marielena Garcia finished in 2:44 for fifth place.

The boys team of Modesto Ottenwarden, Carlos Lopez, Heath Waffer, and Marco Garcia finished in sixth place.

“I am so excited for them. They worked really hard,” Coach Page said. “With the pool being down for so long, I don’t know if we were expecting to go to regionals this year because of our loss of pool time.”

But now, even Coach Page has something to look forward  to at regionals.


The girls’ 200-meter freestyle relay team included Marilena Garcia, Emily Arenas, Alicia Garcia and Lauren Garcia.


The boys’ 200-meter freestyle relay team includes Carlos Lopez, Modesto Ottenwarden, Marco Garcia and Heath Waffer.


Marco Garcia dives into the water on his leg of the 200 freestyle relay.



Emily Arenas completes her leg of the 200 freestyle relay as teammates Alicia Garcia and Lauren Garcia watch.


Noel Lopez competes in the backstroke event at the district meet.