Bulldogs News · North Dallas boys golf team sets sights on ‘really low scores’

The North Dallas boys golf team includes Oscar Ayala (from left), Daniel Campuzano, Juan Perez, Brandon Olvera and Gerardo Chaparro.

First of two parts. Today: The boys team

For North Dallas’ Oscar Ayala, the best part about playing golf is enjoying the weather.

“I love the weather, the green grass. I love how calm it is out here,” he said recently before his round at Luna Visita Golf Course. “It just calms me down.”

Juan Perez enjoys the competitiveness of golf.

“For the most part, I like golf,” he said. “Golf is good, basically. I like being competitive, playing against other schools.”

Daniel Campuzano said, “It’s so chilling… it’s calm. It’s fun.”

The North Dallas boys and girls teams have seen limited playing time because of the weather.  During the two-month spring season, the girls play on Monday and the boys play on Tuesday at the same golf course for that week.

“They’re both doing good,” North Dallas Coach Brian Barnett said. “On the girls, we had four girls returning, so they already knew what to expect and a little bit about how to play the game, so they’ve been doing well.  Unfortunately, they’ve lost two tournaments to the weather, and the best way to get better is to play.

“The boys…I only had two returning this year. I have four brand-new ones who have never played. They played real well today. The main thing in golf is we want to teach them early on golf equititte, rules of the game, how to keep score.  They’ve all got that figured out. Now, we’re just trying to perfect their swing.”

The boys listen for instructions at Luna Vista.


The North Dallas boys team includes Oscar, Juan, Daniel, Brandon Olvera, and Gerardo Chaparro. The boys will set their sights on the District 12-4A tournament against Hillcrest, Lincoln, Wilmer-Hutchins, Carter, Pinkston and Roosevelt on April 2-3 at Keeton Golf Course.

“We’re doing pretty good,” Gerardo said. “We’re getting better every day by staying after school and practicing. We aim for really low scores. Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days.”

The boys were asked for the hardest part about playing golf and the easiest part.

Oscar said:  “The putting is the hardest to me. You need a lot of practice to make the balls in the holes. The easy hard is probably hitting the ball. The irons is probably the easiest club to hit with. It’s my favorite to use.”

Daniel said, “It’s kinda of challenging since it’s my first year. I feel like every  time I’m playing, they always help me out. … My teammates. They really help me out, shooting, putting and everything.”

Juan said, “The hardest part is actually hitting the driver. To me, that’s probably the hardest part. I have had difficult time hitting the driver. It’s the way … your stance, basically… the way you hit the driver. The easiest part is when you have a 7-iron or 9-iron, and you’re sending it down to the hole. That’s the easiest part. Putting isn’t really like something that’s hard to me. My teammates probably think that putting is hard for them. It’s not really problem.”

Gerardo said, “When I first started, it was really kinda challenging. Once time comes and stay after school, it’s just gets easy and easy. It becomes a really fun sport.”

For Gerardo, golf is a sport that can be played at any age.

“It can be. It’s an easy sport, like any age,” he said.”You can start really young and continue playing when you’re at a great age. I don’t think it’s that hard of a sport. But I mean it’s really fun. Time goes by fast when you’re having fun.”

Oscar Ayala (from left), Brandon Olvera, Daniel Campuzano, and Juan Perez line up their putts.


Juan Perez hits a putt as Daniel watches.


Daniel Campuzano works on his putting.


Oscar Ayala works on his putting as Juan looks on.


Daniel, Oscar and Juan pause for a photo.