Bulldogs News · North Dallas Booster Club website ranks No. 5 in the state

The North Dallas High School Booster Club website is No. 5 in VNN’s latest Texas rankings for the month of February. The Booster Club website was also No. 5 for the month of January.

During February, the Booster Club website had 40,937 views. In January, the website had 39,633 views.

The Booster Club also has 1,533 “likes” on our Facebook page. (Go like us if you haven’t already done so.)

For much of 2018, the North Dallas website was consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the Texas rankings. Here are the monthly numbers plus number of clicks for each month:

No. 6 in December (25,469)
No. 4 in November (59,756)
No. 8 in October (26,024)
No. 8 in September (28,680)
No. 21 in August (15,037)
No. 7 in July (9,351)
No. 6 in June (13,958)
No. 2 in May (56,383)
No. 2 in April (79,906 )
No. 5 in March (38,704)
No. 4 in February (28,575)
No. 6 in January 2018 (28,610)

The Booster Club website is in need of advertising support and a portion of the proceeds from the ads goes to the Booster Club. To advertise on the Booster Club website, contact VNN sales rep Ted Hopper at 817-938-6801 or thopper@vnnsports.net.

There are several options to advertise:

1. Title — across top on ALL pages.
2. Gold A — On right side across from the alerts box and just below photo gallary – on every page
3. Gold B — On right side below social media box — also on every page
4. Gold C — On right side just below Gold B — also on every page
5. Photo Gallery sponsor. This is one of the most popular parts of the website
6. Hall Of Fame package includes: Title, 4 foot x 10 foot banner, on every schedule (printable)

Contact Ted Hopper for the advertising rates at thopper@vnnsports.net or 817-938-6801.

The Booster Club wishes to thank all of our readers for their support.

Here are the Texas rankings for the month of February:

Here are the Texas rankings for the month of January: