boys and girls varsity golf · North Dallas girls golf team learns to ‘always try harder on the next one.’

North Dallas Coach Brian Barnett, Arianna Banda, Maria Delgado, Amaya Segura, Clarissa Aguilar and Savannah Fuentes.


Second of two parts: Today: The North Dallas girls team

In a conversation with North Dallas golfers Clarissa Aguilar and Amaya Segura, Clarissa spoke up and said she enjoys playing golf.

“We encourage everybody to play golf because people don’t think it’s a real sport,” Clarissa said, before a recent competition at Luna Vista Golf Course. “They think it’s lazy.”

Amaya added, “They think since nobody plays it, why should we?”

Clarissa then said, “We had that mindset, too, before we played.”

Amaya added, “Yeah, we kinda asked who plays golf? After we started playing, we built bonds with other players and teammates. We always try to make friendships with them. So if we played them again, we have that connection.”

Clarissa continued, “It’s a good socializing sport, because you spend a whole day with them.”

The North Dallas girls golf team includes Amaya, Clarissa, Savannah Fuentes, Maria Delgado, and  Arianna Banda.

The District 12-4A meet is slated for March 25-26 at Luna Vista, and with four returning players, North Dallas Coach Brian Barnett likes his team’s chances.

“The Hillcrest boys and girls will be tough to beat,” Barnett said. “I’m hoping we will be battling for second spot, which would qualify  us for regionals. It will be tough, but if we  play well, I feel like we have a chance.”

The Lady Bulldogs last trip to regionals was in 2014 when they won the district title, said former coach Ernest Cerda.


Amaya Segura works on her putting before the round.


Savannah said she enjoys  learning how to play.

“Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy, depending on where you’re at on the  course,” Savannah said. “Shooting the far distance is hard. It’s a matter of learning how to hit the ball. The hard part is putting. When you hit off the tee, that’s pretty easy.”

Clarissa agreed.

“The hard part is probably putting,” she said. “The easy part depends on what hole you’re on, how far it is.”

Coach Barnett said the key to a good score is improving your putting game.

“Today in golf, you can shave so many strokes off your score with your putting, and that’s the hardest thing for us to practice because we don’t have anywhere on campus,” he said. “So really, you have to do it at the course. When the time changes, we can get to the golf course and get on the putting green.  I’m real pleased where we are right now.  With a full team, it gives us an advantage over teams in DISD.”


The girls — Amaya, Clarissa, Savannah, Maria and Arianna — kinda pose for a photo.


For Amaya, playing golf “takes stuff off my mind and stuff.”

“The thing I like about golf is I could take off a lot of stress while playing golf,” she said. “It’s kinda hard at first if you make it hard.”

Amaya said one of the hardest parts is “hitting the ball or not standing in the right position to hit the ball.  It could go out of the range that you want it to go, or the direction you want it to go.

Clarissa interjected, “or even in the water.”

Amaya continued, “Yeah, sometimes there’s water that prevents us from getting it in the hole. I think it’s best part of it is you can always challenge yourself at each hole to see how many hits it takes to make it in the hole. Just try harder on the next hole …”

Clarissa said, “hit harder.”

Amaya then added, “It does affect the score that you make but it’s always if you did bad on this one, always try harder on the next one.”

Said Clarissa, “…  then try harder on the next one. Sometimes we play at the courses most of the time, you know to do better on that course and what not to do.”


Amaya Segura, Maria Delgado and Arianna Banda share a laugh as they wait.


Coach Barnett hands out scorecards and pencils to Arianna Banda (left), Maria Delgado (middle) and Clarissa Aguilar.