Bulldogs News · North Dallas High School Prom — Two at a time dressed to impress

The North Dallas High School Prom was held at the Empire Room near downtown Dallas on Saturday, April 20. Ray Salinas, a North Dallas alum, took photos of the evening. Today: Two at a time

Note: We don’t know all the students’ names but if you want your name to be added underneath your photo, send an email to garyp329@gmail.com.


Heath Waffer and Juliana Ramirez






Jesus Zambrano and Carla Torres








Marco Garcia and Emily Arenas


Marco Castro and Alicia Garcia


Cristina Dominguez and Benito Lozano





Celis Ordonez and Marielena Garcia



Tamar Ambers and Joe McFail







Jose Luis Valenzuela and Pureza Murillo


Carlos Lopez and Olga Martinez




Lauren Garcia and Noel Lopez


Aileen Arias and Modesto Ottenwarden


Joel Vera and Tina Nguyen






Omar Medel and Carolina Gonzalez


Roberto Andrade and Rosa Sandoval





Hollie Quach and Daniel Galindez



Na’Keisha Alridge and SaNiya Lampkin