Bulldogs News · North Dallas High School Prom — The faculty and staff

The North Dallas High School Prom was held at the Empire Room near downtown Dallas on Saturday, April 20. Ray Salinas, a North Dallas alum, took photos of the evening. Today: The faculty and staff

Note: We don’t know all the names but if you want your name to be added underneath your photo, send an email to garyp329@gmail.com.

Leslie Laws, Principal Katherine Eska and Katy Elias


Eleanor Bowers, Paul Zhang, and April Gordon


Rubi Chavez, Assistant Principal Terry Mouton, Rosa Marquez and Ernest Cerda.


Assistant Principal Terry Mouton and senior Xavier Soto


Senior Gabriel Nava and Steven De La Cerda


Christina Herrera and Brian Thomas


Tiffany Boren


Jessica Degnan and Stephanie Page


Erik Gracia and senior Carolina Gonzalez


April Gordon, Paul Zhang, Assistant Principal Mouton, Principal Katherine Eska and Katy Elias


North Dallas’ faculty watches on the sidelines.