Bulldogs News · North Dallas art students collaborate on origami installation: ‘It turned out really nice’




The origami installation is on the first floor near the Cole Avenue entrance.


[Editor’s note: This interview was held last month and is being reported this month.]

Ms. Julie Yun’s art students, along with Mr. McClure’s art students, folded pieces of paper as part of an origami installation on the first floor at North Dallas High School.

“His class folded some of the origami and my kids folded some of the origami, and I put it together,” Ms. Yun said. “It was a collaboration so it worked out really well.”

Ms. Yun said her class was learning about different types of sculpture, like 3D sculpture, 2D sculpture. She had them do a paper sculpture.

“I told them about the history of origami. Paper folding and what it represents,” she said. “Installation is when a lot of little things come together to make one big piece.”

Ms. Yun said the project only took about two weeks.

“I used the fishing wire so that the wire is not showing and they look like they’re flying,” she said. “And these down here are supposed to be flowers, like Cherry Blossom flowers. It’s spring time and there’s Cherry Blossoms are over Japan, Korea and different countries. And then I wanted them to do layers like steps, so they can all see it, with some flying high and some flying low. And the good thing is that we have this little light so it looks like a display and it captures the light at the bottom. I think it turned out really nice.”