Bulldogs News · North Dallas High art students displayed posters of famous people

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “I have a dream.”


[Editor’s note: This interview was held last month and is being reported this month.]

North Dallas High School art students, led by teacher Julie Yun, designed posters of famous people and the posters were displayed around the school.

Some of the famous people included Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Drake, Bruce Lee and Frida Kahlo.

Ms. Yun said four or five students worked on each poster, and each student worked on a certain aspect.

“The project was somebody that you admire in your life to give them motivation or give them hope,” she said. “So they picked certain artists that they look up to.

“These are four posters. So what they did was they taped the back and they did a collage,” she said. “They used newspaper print and clue. It’s like layers, so you can see the transparency of the background a little bit.”

Famous soccer player: “Only I can change my life. No one does for me.”


Ms. Yun said one student picked out a soccer player. She wasn’t sure who the player was.

“Some soccer player,” she said. “This one student who doesn’t like to work but I made him do a lot of stuff. At least he got it done. But it was a group of boys that liked soccer. I told them it doesn’t have to be music. It can be anybody that you like.”

The posters also included a quote.

“The famous quote by each person,” Ms. Yun said, “like Frida’s famous quote, Bruce Lee’s famous quote and Michael Jackson’s famous quote.”

Ms. Yun was very pleased with the outcome.

“They worked really hard. They were good at collaborating with each other. They were good at working together as a team. They each had a job to do so it worked out real well.”

Singer Drake: “0 to 100 real quick”


Singer Bruno Mars: “I think that success is having fun.”


Michael Jackson: “In a world full of hate, it’s important to hope.”


Bruce Lee: “Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.”


Frida Kahlo: “I love you more than my skin.”