Bulldogs News · North Dallas’ Vikingettes have big plans: ‘ We want the entire Uptown area to be painted in orange with North Dallas spirit’

Charlotte Salgado, Valeria DeJesus, director Devondria Robertson and Victoria Hernandez were at McKinney and Fitzhugh streets filling the boot.


Watch out for the North Dallas Vikingettes this school year. The girls have big plans for the Uptown area. And if the Uptown area doesn’t know about North Dallas now, they soon will.

Coming off drill team camp, the Vikingettes hit the corners at McKinney and Fitzhugh for a Fill the Boot fundraiser on Saturday. With their white boots in hand, the girls were raising funds for the coming year.

“One of the things we’re focusing on this year is bringing back our school spirit,” team sponsor and director Devondria Robertson said. “And a lot of that is by bringing out our traditions, and starting by knowing our  community, and getting out here so they can see us.

“This year, the girls are doing like a ‘paint the city orange campaign,’ where we want the entire Uptown area to be painted in orange with North Dallas spirit,” Robertson said. “So, they are kinda embodying that in the fundraising and when we go back to school. So that’s our main commitment this year.”

Co-director Daisy Rivera, a 2004 North Dallas graduate and former Vikingette, agreed.

“Besides raising funds, we’re trying to have our girls’ different characteristics come out as far as leadership skills, working together, team work, and also coming out to the community and letting the community recognize us,” Rivera said. “Recognize that North Dallas is here. Recognize that we’re part of the area. And just hoping that more people will be exposed to North Dallas High School and the Vikingettes. Just to get more support from our local community, and that’s part of what our goal is today.”

Rivera said the fundraising started slow but picked up.

“Today is actually going very well,” she said. “It started out slow. But now that people are going about their day, more people are coming out. We actually had one of our co-workers’ husband (Ms. Gordon) pass by and he just made a $20 donation just because he found out we were the North Dallas Vikingettes. He wished us luck and was happy to see us out here.”


(from left) Valeria DeJesus, Charlotte Salgado, Mia Resendez, Elisha Mosley and co-director Daisy Rivera.


The weather was hot but the girls pushed through it, Robertson said.

“It is very, very hot out here but we have water, and the girls are good,” she said. “They’re pushing through it. They just finished camp, so they are camp strong.”

Robertson said there are 25 girls on the roster. The officers include Captain Elpidia Nabor, Lieutenants Elena Lopez and Kida Pen, and Social Officers Marlet Santamaria and Valeria DeJesus.

“They are super excited and enthusastic about being out here, getting geared up for the new season,” Robertson said. “Their energy level has definitely increased since we started the year. They were nervous and rocky, but now they are confident. They are ready to go. They’re so excited to show the school what we’re been working on at the first football game. They are good to go.”

Robertson said the proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward uniforms. Not a new version, but we’ll have to wait for the season opener.

“The girls are fundraising for our traditional uniforms. One of the things we want to do is bring back an old Vikingette uniform out of retirement,” Robertson said. “We’re not going to tell you which one, but you’re going to see it at the first game. So we’re raising funds to bring it out of retirement and back.”

Rivera said she’s happy to see all the support for the Vikingettes.

“I want to thank all the alumni that has already been supporting us,” Rivera said. “I just want to thank the community here at McKinney at Uptown that has also come out here to support us. Just to have anybody that wants to reach out to us, please come out and reach out to us.  If you want to support us in other ways, if you want us to come out to your business, say ‘Hey, come on out here and we’ll support you.’ But we’re just happy. We feel like its going to be a successful school year, and we’re glad about it.”


Macie Cisneros, Captain Elpidia Nabor, and Marisol Gamboa


(back, from left) Rosaura Navoy, Lt. Elena Lopez, Shawnthy Pen, Cassandra Carrera, and (front) Viviana Garcia


Lillyanne Le and Mariah Rodriguez


(from left) Regina Bustos, Marlett Santamaria, Jasmine Gonzalez and Onea Ontiveros


Lt. Elena Lopez and Shawnthy Pen


(from left) Onea Ontiveros, Jasmine Gonzalez, Regina Bustos,  and Marlett Santamaria.