Boys Varsity Football · North Dallas student-athletes going through summer workouts, learning ‘to bond as a group’

Coach Bobby Estes stands next to Angel Gonzalez during the car wash on June 15.


At the recent car wash, North Dallas football coach Bobby Estes was talking about the players and the summer workouts.

“Old Angel has been going from 9 to 11,” he said, talking to big Angel Gonzalez, who was standing nearby. “Feeling good, don’t we, Angel?

“Look at him, he’s a picture of condition right now.”

Coach Estes said the Bulldogs are in “full-blown summer workouts” from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday at the school.

“With the new millennial of football, there’s really no time off,” Coach Estes said. “From 9 to 11, their lifting, running. We can actually teach them skills, so they can get football stuff. But the biggest thing is to bond as a group.

“We’re trying to get bigger, faster, stronger and all those things, but the more that we’re around each other, and love one another, the harder we’re going to play on Friday night.”

Having the car wash helped fundraise for the football program, but it also brought the players together, creating the family atmosphere.

“That’s kind of the reason for this car wash,” Estes said. “Look at these guys, their working together for the greater good and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

The official first day of football is August 5, Estes said.  The first game is tentatively scheduled against Thomas Jefferson on Friday, Aug. 30, at Couch Field at Loos.

“We’re in full-blown summer workouts,” Estes said. “We’ve averaged 30 kids. Every kid here has already been working during the summer. And that’s the thing, those 30 kids will hopefully be 50 by the end of the summer.

“I feel good about we’re doing. The kids are fired up. I think good things are to come.”