boys and girls cross country · For North Dallas cross country runners, Jesse Owens Complex holds key to success

Cross country runners Bilal Rasool, Marlet Santamaria, Alexis Ruiz, and Marleni Murillo start their practice run.


During a recent summer workout, North Dallas cross country coach Troy Power was looking ahead at this season’s schedule, which includes three meets at  the Jesse Owens Complex.

The schedule will help the Bulldogs prepare for the district meet and the regional meet, which are both slated at Jesse Owens Complex off Interstate 20 in southern Dallas. The course, which is behind Hulcy Middle School and across the street from Kincaide Stadium, is three miles for boys and two miles for girls. It starts on the soccer field, goes up and down and around the baseball diamond, then along the wooded area, and finishes up close to the baseball diamond.

“The very first meet is DCA and we’ll be out here the third week, fourth week (UT-Arlington) and fifth week (Molina),  and our district meet will be [at Jesse Owens],” said Power, who is hoping his runners will get to know Jesse Owens during those meets.

“Lynn Creek, that’s our first one on Aug. 15. Second meet is the Greenhill Relay at Norbuck, then it’s [Jesse Owens] for three weeks,” Power continued. “Then we go to McKinney one week. I think week 7 is at Conrad.

“We’re not running Oct. 5, which means we have a couple of weeks to rest up. Anybody who has nagging injuries can take a couple of days off to do that. Then we’ll start back and get ready for district.”

This summer, Power said he’s had about seven kids during summer workouts.

“Last year, just about everybody that ran was there most of the summer, which is why we went to regionals,” he said.

He has several new runners along with top returnees Sergio Cibrian and Yomara Gutierrez.

“Right now, with what I’ve had, those that haven’t run before, except for Sergio, … those new ones, I just want to start training them more,” Power said. “When I finished in May, they were the best group of any group I’ve had that left in June.

“I’m hoping in next couple of weeks… the girls that I have that are really fast, I’m hoping they come out in next couple of weeks. The boys that I have that are real fast, I’m hoping they come out. They’ll all be at 5 to 6 miles when we break in July.”

Power said the season officially starts on Thursday, Aug. 1.

“Once everybody gets out here, it’s going to be where they’re at, and if everybody comes out, it’s where they should be or close to where they should be, I’m looking at some real good things,” Power said.


Coach Power says only two sports can practice year-round: cross country and track. He said they are not under UIL stipulations. … Talking about how fast runners are progressing these days, Coach Power said, “I remember when I was in school, the seven-minute mile was the best thing since sliced bread.”


Daniel Galindez and Alexis Ruiz follow the path.


Bilal Rasool and Marleni Murillo follow along.


Marlet Santamaria stretches out before running.