Bulldogs News · Vikingettes captain Elpidia Nabor embraces her squad: ‘My hope for this year is to grow as a team’

Macie Cisneros, Vikingettes captain Elpidia Nabor, and Marisol Gamboa participated in the Fill the Boot fundraiser.

The new captain of the North Dallas Vikingettes is Elpidia Nabor, who is entering her fourth year on the drill team.

At a recent fundraiser, Elpidia talked about her hopes for this season.

“My hope for this year is to grow as a team and not leave anybody behind,” said Elpidia, who was an officer last season.

She clarified the part about leaving “anybody behind.”

“To grow as a dance team but also to grow as a person,” she said.

Elpidia said she feels “very good” about being named captain. The other officers include lieutenants Elena Lopez and Kida Pen, and social officers Marlet Santamaria and Valeria DeJesus.

“I think I can impact on these girls’ lives,” Elpidia said.

Vikingettes director Devondria Robertson agreed.

“Elpidia has been doing phenomenal so far. She is actually performing past the expectations myself and Ms. [Daisy] Rivera,” Robertson said in an email. “Elpidia has such a beautiful, genuine spirit as a leader. She cares so much for each girl on the team. She embodies everything I think our principal looks for in our student leaders on campus.”

At the recent Fill the Boot fundraiser, Elpidia talked about her goals.

“I hope to gain everything, like more leadership skills and also grow as a person, and be kind at the same time,” she said.

Robertson added, “This year, I expect Elpidia to lead her team on and off the field. I expect her to not be afraid to take risks and embrace change because as our motto says for this year, ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes.’ ”

The Vikingettes recently went through summer camp at North Dallas.

“It was very hard for the girls,” Elpidia said, “but we all pushed throughout and stuck together as a team.”

Asked how hard was it to learn new skills, she said, “It is but I think they got the hang of it. Plus, they all want to grow together.”

Elpidia seems to be embracing her role as the Vikingettes captain.

“I love my girls,” she said, “and I hope that this year is so good.”

Vikingettes captain Elpidia Nabor says: “”I love my girls, and I hope that this year is so good.”


Elpidia “cares so much for each girl on the team,” said Vikingettes director Devondria Robertson.