Boys Varsity Baseball · Remember when … the 2019 North Dallas baseball seniors started as freshmen in 2016


In 2016, North Dallas baseball coach Steven De La Cerda went with five freshmen players on the varsity team. This group started nearly every game in the past four years, and helped the Bulldogs win two district titles — District 12-5A and District 12-4A — and earn playoff berths along the way.

The five, who recently graduated in May, included Noel Lopez, Mauro Rincon, Adan Galvan, James Camacho, and Carlos Lopez.

“We are senior heavy. This is a group that has been with me for four years and have starting since they were freshmen,” De La Cerda said before the season in February. “Pretty much all of our all-district selections from last year are returning. They are all coming back. They’re hungry and we’re pretty excited.”

He continued, “It’s kind of a sad thing because these kids have been with me. They’ve seen failure and they’ve seen success. And we’ve been through it together. And so the fact that some of them are going to leave me, especially these seniors, of course, it kills me because these are kids are like my sons. That’s the way life is but I’m going to enjoy every minute with them.”

The Bulldogs went 24-7 this season and were District 12-4A champions.

North Dallas advanced to the bidistrict round of the 2019 playoffs. Team members included (front, from left) Noel Lopez, Xavien Shay, Mauro Rincon, Daniel Galindez, JoJo Mendoza, Adan Galvan, and Luis Garcia; (back, from left) Head Coach Steven De La Cerda, Denise Sanchez, Carlos Lopez, Deion Medellin, Marco Garcia, James Camacho, Julian Canales, Anthony Martinez, Bryan Martinez, Modesto Ottenwarden, Samanta Lopez and assistant coach Elijah Perez.


Seniors Adan Galvan (1) and Noel Lopez (2), and junior JoJo Mendoza (17) receive congratulations after scoring in playoff game against Melissa.


Seniors Mauro Rincon and Carlos Lopez leave the field.


The North Dallas players named to the All-District 12-4A team included:
District MVP: Xavien Shay

District Defensive MVP: Carlos Lopez

District Offensive MVP: Adan Galvan

First Team: Pitcher Marco Garcia, infielder Mauro Rincon, infielder Joseph Mendoza, outfielder Noel Lopez, outfielder Luis Garcia

Second Team: Infielder Deion Medellin

Honorable Mention:  James Camacho

Coach of the Year: Coach Steven De La Cerda


The Bulldogs celebrate their district championship. (Credit: North Dallas High School Facebook page)


The North Dallas Bulldogs went 24-7 this season.




The 2018 Bulldogs playoff team included: (front row) Adan Galvan (1), Noel Lopez (2), Marco Garcia (3), Xavien Shay (4), Luis Garcia (5), Christian Zuniga (6), Carlos Lopez (8); (back row) James Camacho (9), Deion Medellin (10), Roberto Ramirez (11), Stephen Do (12), Julian Canales (13), Jose Garcia (14), Mauro Rincon (16), JoJo Mendoza (17) and Garion Doyle (20).


The North Dallas players try to get a piece of the District 12-5A trophy in 2018.


The North Dallas baseball team is the District 12-5A champions.


The North Dallas players on the All-District 12-5A team included:

District MVP: Carlos Lopez

Pitcher of the Year: Xavien Shay

Utility Player of the Year: Marco Garcia

First Team All-District Infielder:  Adan Galvan

Second Team All-District: Infielder Mauro Rincon, infielder Joseph Mendoza; infielder Deion Medellin and Garion Doyle

Honorable Mention:  Christian Zuniga and Noel Lopez

Coach Of the Year: Steven De La Cerda

The Bulldogs went 17-7 overall and were District 12-5A champions in 2018


Juniors Mauro Rincon and Carlos Lopez in the dugout.


The Bulldogs in 2018 included Luis Garcia, Julian Canales, Christian Zuniga, Adan Galvan, Marco Garcia, Roberto Ramirez and Xavien Shay.



The Bulldogs varsity closes the season Friday night.

The Bulldogs 2017 varsity included (front) Marco Garcia, James Camacho, Noel Lopez, Joe Garibay, Mauro Rincon and Deion Medellin; (back) Head Coach Steven De La Cerda, Garion Doyle, Rudy Ramos, Matthew Morales, Xavien Shay, Adolfo Gordillo, Andrew Garcia, Carlos Lopez and assistant coach Cortez Cole.


Sophomore Adan Galvan gets ready to bat.


Senior Matt Morales talks with freshman Marco Garcia


All-District 12-5A honors

Senior pitcher Matt Morales, sophomore catcher Carlos Lopez, sophomore infielder Mauro Rincon and freshman outfielder Christopher Shay were named to the first team.

Sophomores outfielder Noel Lopez and infielder Adan Galvan were named second team all-district. Freshman Deion Medellin was named honorable mention.

Freshman Marco Garcia was named Newcomer of the Year.

The Bulldogs finished 10-14 overall, and in sixth place in District 12-5A.


Sophomore Noel Lopez is at the plate in March 2017



Carlos Lopez pitches off the mound.


Sophomore Mauro Rincon played third base but also played catcher when Carlos was pitching.


Sophomore James Camacho prepares to hit.




North Dallas’ baseball team had several young — five freshmen and one sophomore — players making contributions to the 2016 varsity team. The list of young Bulldogs included:

Noel Lopez, freshman — center fielder
Mauro Rincon, freshman —  third base/pitcher
Adan Galvan, freshman — infield/pitcher
James Camacho, freshman — second base
Carlos Lopez, freshman — catcher/pitcher
Christian Zuniga, sophomore — left fielder

 “Every one of these young guys starts or plays an active role on the team,” Head Coach Steven De La Cerda said in 2016. “They show up every day and are ready to work and be coached up. That’s a testament to their eagerness to want to get better.  And they also battle on the field when times get tough.  They are extremely young, but it’s important they learn valuable lessons now so that in the future they know how to handle adverse situations.
“It’s been a lengthy process teaching them the fundamentals of baseball and the game within the game.  With time, they will come to understand baseball and be extremely effective ball players,” De La Cerda said.

Freshman Noel Lopez backs up on the pitch. He plays

Freshman centerfielder Noel Lopez backed away from a pitch.


Freshman Adan Galvan plays second base on the varsity team.

Freshman Adan Galvan played the infield and pitched on the varsity team.


The All-District 12-5A team included:

First  Team: Shortstop Rudy Ramos and Designated Hitter Garion Doyle

Second Team: Pitcher Matthew Morales; Catcher Carlos Lopez; Utility Adan Galvan; Outfielder Noel Lopez

Honorable Mention: Cristian Zuniga, Christian Ascencio and Mauro Rincon


Freshman Carlos Lopez plays catcher and also pitches for the Bulldogs.

Freshman Carlos Lopez played catcher and also pitched for the Bulldogs.


Freshman Mauro Rincon looked for hitting instructions from the coaches.