Bulldogs News · Despite the heat, Bulldogs are putting in the ‘hard work” for the upcoming season

With the hot weather, the players take breaks during the workouts.  (Photos by Danny Linn)


Nearing the end of the first week of workouts, North Dallas head football Coach Bobby Estes says his players are putting in the “hard work” for the upcoming season.

“I wish our numbers were a little better. We have 40 kids. Today, we’re pretty thin,” Estes said Thursday. “It’s the middle of the week, the kids have to persevere and push through adversity. And that’s the biggest thing. We have to teach a little bit of toughness, and once we get these kids in better shape, a little tougher, the other things will come.

“Right now, we’re kinda dealing with some toughness issues. Pain is a hindrance but it’s not a reason for not doing something. It’s part of the game. This is a great algorithm for life. You have to push through some diffcult times.”

The Bulldogs’ first scrimmage will be against Adamson at 9 a.m. Friday, Aug. 16, at Franklin Field. After that, North Dallas will scrimmage Sunset at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, at Franklin Field.

Next week, the Bulldogs will continue practicing three hours in the morning.

“Next Wednesday is probably the hardest day of the year because they haven’t got the reward of a game yet,” Coach Estes said. “You can usually push through some adversity when you have the reward of a game. But right now, it’s just work. It’s hard work.”

Asked about the players’ practicing in the heat, Coach Estes said, “That’s for everybody, coaches, players alike. I don’t think you ever get used to the heat. That’s why the Cowboys go to California. But we’re going to play in it, so if we’re going to play in it, we might as well practice in it.

“Able to go in the morning is very beneficial for us. It allows the kids to get off their feet and rest, and then come back. If you had to go in the evening, you and I know that kids are not going to stay home and rest. But in the evening, they will,” Estes continued.

“It’ll get there. I’ll feel better about it after a couple of scrimmages.”


The players follow Coach Carlos Perez’s instructions.


The North Dallas linemen work on techniques.



Assistant coach Desiree Allen leads a drill.


Time to huddle up.