Bulldogs News · North Dallas coach considering allowing new runners to compete at Lynn Creek for the ‘meet experience’

Daniel Galindez leads the runners around Cole Park at practice Thursday morning.


With the first meet coming up on Thursday, North Dallas cross country coach Troy Power says he may let the new runners compete in this one. Normally, he says he lets them watch the first meet. But he wants the new ones to gain “meet experience.”

“No matter how much you teach it, you can’t,” he said Thursday morning at Cole Park. “You have to actually experience it.”

The Bulldogs will compete Thursday evening at the Texans Cross Country Invitational at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie, 5700 Lake Ridge Parkway Grand Prairie.

Coach Power says he has about 10-11 girls and 15-16 boys on the team, which includes several new runners coming from Townview.

This year’s group is in the “best shape than they have ever been,” Power said.

The team practices in the morning at Cole Park.


Daniel Galindez follows the path for another lap, followed by Marleni Murillo.


Marleni Murillo follows the path.


Marlet Santamaria also follows the path.


The runners go through a drill, wearing resistance bands around their legs.