Bulldogs News · North Dallas cheerleaders’ hard work over the summer is paying off, coach says

The varsity cheerleaders include (front, from left)  Grasiela Campuzano, Thi Le, Captain Nayeli Rico-Bisagra, Jacqueline Briones, and Mekdes Eshate; (Back, from left) Viridiana Rico, Coach Tiffany Boren, and Linda Rico.


North Dallas cheerleader coach Tiffany Boren has several new members on this year’s squad.

The girls have been very supportive of the football team at the first two games.

“They’ve been doing really well and putting in a lot of work,” Boren said. “They worked super hard over the summer and I think you’re seeing the effects of that now. They’re super loud, and they have really great emotions and they’ve been really together. I’m really proud of how hard they’ve been working.”

The cheerleaders include Captain Neyali Rico, Jacqueline Briones, Thi Le, and Grasiela Campuzano, Cristina Bustamante, Linda Rico,  Viridiana Rico, and Mekdes Eshate

Grasiela Campuzano (from left), Jacqueline Briones, and Thi Le.


Thi Le and Mekdes Eshate


Viridiana Rico, Captain Nayeli Rico-Bisagra, and Linda Rico.


Linda Rico (far left), Captain Nayeli Rico-Bisagra, and Viridiana Rico.


Cheerleader Coach Tiffany Boren watches from the sidelines.


The cheerleaders lead the school song at the end of the game.