Boys Varsity Football · North Dallas student trainer Jada Heard shows off her football skills

Lajan Lee, Jada Heard, and Melek Sewell pose in front of the Vikingettes before Friday’s game against Ranchview.


The North Dallas student trainers are certainly  a fun bunch at the football games. On Senior Night at Friday’s game, Jada Heard  showed his fellow trainers some of her football moves. She displayed her passing form as well as her one-handed catching ability.


Jada Heard, holding the football, captures the camera’s attention, while Mi-Kela Davis and Jamiya Franklin watch along with Lajan Lee and Melek Sewell.


Jada pauses while the other student trainers smile for the camera.


But now Jada wants to show some of her football moves.


Jada gets ready to pass the football down the field.


Jada leans back ready to pass, and makes sure the camera sees her.


Jada shows her pasing form, pauses for the camera shot.


Next, Jada shows her receiving abilities, using just one hand.


Lajan Lee signals touchdown as Jada shows how she makes the one-handed catch.


Lajan (left) and Jada hold their pose, while the others ignore them.



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