Bulldogs News · North Dallas Booster Club minutes from Oct. 26 meeting

Note: The North Dallas Booster Club met on Saturday, Nov. 16, and approved the following minutes from the previous meeting.

Booster Club Meeting Minutes from Oct. 26, 2019

In attendance were Treasurer Melanie Wester, Secretary Asha Guevara, VP Social Media Jessica Paz, Athletic Coordinator Coach Bobby Estes, Coach Brian Barnhill, Varsity News Network rep Brian Master, Gil Sandoval, Gary Pina, and parent Olivia Esquivel.


Treasurer Melanie Wester called the meeting to order.

Gil Sandoval spoke about his meeting with Principal Eska regarding NDHS’ 100th year celebration in 2022. He said we are going to be doing a historical piece, car show, and food booths. It would be good to have class reunions in early October 2022. The Booster Club, PIE board, alumni association and North Dallas Bulldog Support League will participate in the celebration. The Booster Club will assist in coordinating the reunion.

Athletic coordinator’s report was given by Coach Bobby Estes. The Bulldogs won their football game Friday night. The next game, which is against Ranchview, will be Senior Night. Coach Estes is waiting on state stats for division titles. Girls basketball has started, and boys basketball starts this week. Cross Country team has 10 students going to regionals, with varsity girls team and one boy. The volleyball team will be playing Celina in first round of playoffs. Swimming starts soon and the tennis team finished in fourth place and made the playoffs. Coach Estes said the NDHS football team will be filling in for Highland Park High School in a Toys For Tots event. The concept is to show the kids that there are others who are less fortunate. He is looking for ways on how our kids can give back on Day of Giving. Coach Estes also bought three helmets at half price for $600 as well as food for the football team.

Melanie Wester gave the Financial report. We received new checks and check cards, and new sales tax forms. New forms created were current financials and fundraiser request forms. Coach Estes chimed in saying some sports don’t raise money and others depend on the Booster Club. Action Item from Melanie to review the bylaws. To join the Booster Club is $10. She spoke on the new forms for funds turned in from the fundraiser request form. These forms are for fundraisers through the school. Also, Coach Estes noted that DISD does not approve car washes on any DISD campus. If you plan on having a fundraiser, let the Booster Club know. We also need to put a Google link for a calendar on the website so we can get these events out to the public. In regard to the ongoing financial spreadsheet, Spike is listed under the cheerleaders, the Vikingettes have requested leotards, and a request has been put in for hats. Funds from North Texas Giving Day have not been received. President Laura Garcia, Vice President Veronica Rico have not been to the bank to sign the signature cards. It was voted on and approved that if either one of them did not go by the next meeting a new President and Vice President would be voted in at that time.

Asha Guevara gave the Merchandise report advising that the inventory is low. Melanie Wester chimed in we need to add bling T-shirts and sweatshirts to our new merchandise. Coach Barnhill recommended Gandy and Coach Estes recommended an online Merchandise store through All American, which would keep us from having actual inventory delivered. He said that they sell things like cleats, sweatshirts, T- shirts, sports teams T-shirts, physical and online inventory.

Brian Master with Varsity News Network spoke on the various opportunities with VNN. Our website is missing quite a bit of information. We have the Varsity package. Our website ranks in the top 5 in the state.

Master said if we paid an additional $293 for the Championship package, we can add all sports teams, add captions to photos, highlight parents, alumni, administrators and the community on the website. Facebook and Twitter scores would go straight to the Dallas Morning News. Every team can raise funds through VNN. Per sport breakdown reports of each sports teams fundraiser, it would have a donate button 70/30 split on donations. The sports teams that get onboard first would get the most money. There is a Box Out sports graphics application, ScoreBird=Populates in real time on the website. Each coach can do this easily from anywhere. VNN goes out and gets sponsorships for the school. Brian wants to help maximize exposure and profits for NDHS. A motion to upgrade the website was voted on and approved. However, Gary Pina spoke up to ask about a credit that we have earned with VNN. Therefore until we find out whether or not the credit can be applied to upgrade to the Championship package that approved vote is currently pending the outcome.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 16 at 9 AM.

Minutes prepared by Asha Guevara, Secretary


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