Bulldogs News · North Dallas coach working on list of sports teams that have won district titles

North Dallas sophomore Kymberly Jackson won the 215-pound division at UIL state meet in 2015.


Softball Coach Chris Barnhill is on a mission to find all the North Dallas sports teams that have won a district title — since the school opened in 1922.

It’s a daunting task. One of his first tasks was checking the trophies throughout the school.

“I had all of the kids on the softball team running around the school,” he said recently. “It was way too many trophies for me to look at myself.”

Winning a district title in any sport is quite an accomplishment. It also means the team advanced to the playoffs.

“The list is all the district championships, single or team,” he said. “We also have if the team was an area qualifier, or semifinalist or what not.

“We’ve been through the UIL records, the archives, we’ve run around the school looking at trophies, and reached out to the alumni for help. We’re kind of piecing it together.”

Barnhill said football and basketball weren’t under the University Interscholastic League umbrella in the early days.

“They weren’t under UIL back in the day,” he said, referring to football and basketball. “They were under something else. We don’t have the information because they are not in the archives — they weren’t UIL, they were something else. It’s so hard to do that.”

One of the interesting things he noted was the 1956 basketball team that advanced to the state tournament and played in the state final.

“I thought finding out about the basketball team making it to the state playoff game was the most interesting,” Barnhill said. “Everyone talks about the football team but no one talks about the basketball team.”

Barnhill has compiled a list of the teams that won district below. If you know of a North Dallas team that should be listed, send Coach Barnhill an email at cbarnhill@dallasisd.org.


1952 District Champ — State semifinalist




2018-2019 District Champs, bidistrict round
2017-2018 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2013-2014 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2012-2013 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2011-2012 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2010-2011 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2009-2010 District Champs, Bidistrict Champs
2005-2006  made to bidistrict


1956 district champions and Class 4A state semifinalist

Boys Basketball
1955-1956 District champs, State semifinals, state runner-up
1948-1949 made it to quarterfinals


The 2019 Bulldogs soccer team advanced to the regional quarterfinals.

Boys Soccer
2018-2019  Bidistrict champs, Area champs,
2015-2016 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
2013-2014 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional,
2012-2013 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional, Regional Quarterfinal
2011-2012 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional,
2010-2011 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional,
2009-2010 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional,
2008-2009 District???,  Bidistrict, Area, Sectional,Sectional,
2007-2008 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
2006-2007 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
2002-2003 District???,  Bidistrict, Area,
2001-2002 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
2000-2001 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
1999-2000 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
1997-1998 District???,  Bidistrict
1996-1997 District???,  Made it to Bidistrict
1993-1994 District???,  Bidistrict, Area,
1992-1993 District???,  Bidistrict, Area,
1987-1988 District Representative
1986-1987 District Representative


Girls Soccer
2015-2016  Made it to Bidistrict
2013-2014  Bidistrict
2012-2013  Bidistrict
2011-2012  Bidistrict
2010-2011  Bidistrict,  Area
2009-2010  Bidistrict
2008-2009  Bidistrict
2007-2008  Made it to Bidistrict
1997-1998 Made it to Bidistrict
1987-1988 District Representative


2018-2019  Bidistrict Champs
2011-2012  Bidistrict Champs
2010-2011 District, Bidistrict Champs, Area Qualifiers


2013 District Champ


2007-2008 BIDISTRICT
2006-2007 BIDISTRICT
2003-2004 BIDISTRICT
2002-2003 BIDISTRICT


2014-2015 Kymberly Jackson, state champ at  215 lbs


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