boys varsity baskebtall · Recognizing the North Dallas seniors on the Bulldogs basketball team


The North Dallas parents, seniors, players and coaches Jeremy Mason and Byron Boyd gather for a group photo.


North Dallas recognized five seniors on the Bulldogs basketball team last Friday against Roosevelt at Cobb Field House.

The Bulldogs won the game 56-51. North Dallas plays at Pinkston at 6 p.m. JV and 7:30 p.m. varsity Tuesday night. Also, the Lady Bulldogs play host to Pinkston on Senior Night at Sprague Field House at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Coach Jeremy Mason called his seniors — Chandler Deveaux, Larry Dorn, Endy Jimenez, Kavontae Harris and Christopher Shay — “a unique group.”

“Chandler was the only one here all four years,” Coach Mason said. “Larry was here his sophomore year and junior year, left and came back. Chris Shay came out last year. This is his first year playing varsity. Kavontae was a move-in and this is his first year playing varsity. Endy came to us his sophomore year.

“It’s a unique group of seniors. That’s what I’ll remember about them the most. They weren’t a group that started off with me all four years but once they joined the program, they made a difference instantly. We needed those guys. The younger group needed those guys. I think that’s what I’ll remember most, the uniqueness in which they’re all come together, and trying to make this thing go. It’s not easy to do.”

Chandler was part of “a promising group of freshmen and to have only one left, it’s kinda bittersweet,” Mason said. “The one that we do have is real special to us. But the other guys were unique in the way they came to North Dallas and they approached the game for us.

“Endy, though, that was real special to me because when he came out as a sophomore, we were low on numbers,” Mason continued. “And he would play a full freshman game and then play a full JV game. He never complained. He never whined. He never griped. His transformation as a basketball player. I don’t know if he came to high school thinking he was going to be a basketball player. Matter of fact, he came out playing baseball. He’s been a blessing the whole time around.

“Larry Dorn is one of the more talented individuals to ever come to North Dallas. That’s unique in its own way, and he came over as a B-team kid. He made an immediate impact on the program. The kids love him. He kinda leads by example. He’s not really a vocal leader. But some of the things he can do will ‘wow’ you. He had that one dunk against Life Oak Cliff last year, and we’re hadn’t had anything spectcular like that since Koby Wrice. He’s been unique that way. I think a lot of other guys were trying to find their way, and they came and have done a tremendous job for us.  We’ll miss them tremendously.”

The five seniors were asked, “What will you remember most about playing for North Dallas?” Here are their responses:

Chandler Deveaux, with Tavana Price (left) and mom Ethel Mangrum

Chandler Deveaux: “I’m going to remember that the coaches taught me to always compete and never give up. Always believe in the system and the process, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Larry Dorn, with mom Tammy Manning and Peyton Manning

Larry Dorn: “What I’m going to remember most is the coaches and the hard practices, and being around my teammates. Even though we were losing and stuff, it was still good being around my teammates.”

Kavontae Harris, with his dad Ahmad Johnson, mom Amber Harris and little Christian Johnson.

Kavontae Harris: “My fondest memory is me being able to play. Me being able to show what I’m worth, me just progressing as a person, and continuing that there’s more than just basketball. It’s the lifestyle you’re trying to live, the goals you’re trying to accomplish. My best thing was being in the team setting.”

Endy Jimenez, with Elena Lopez and mom Ursula Rayo

Endy Jimenez: “The coaches. They’re very good coaches with everybody. I learned everything about them. … Just being honest with us. They teach us to be honest with everybody. They were real with us, so it just makes us real with everybody else.”

Christopher Shay, with mom Julie Shay and dad Chris Shay

Christopher Shay:  “I think my moment would be getting to learn about basketball that I never knew before. Coach Mason and Coach Boyd, they really know what they’re talking about. I actually listen to them more in the huddles and when I’m at practice, they fill my mind with things I never knew about.

“Baseball has always been my main sport, but when I got to middle school or high school, I wanted to try new things. So I decided to play a sport that I thought I would be good at like basketball or baseball or tennis. I tried new things when I went to high school.”

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