Bulldogs News · North Dallas Booster Club website rises to No. 3 in VNN’s Texas rankings

The North Dallas High School Booster Club website moved up to No. 3 for the month of February in VNN’s latest Texas rankings. Last month, the website was ranked No. 4 for the month of January.

Nationally, the website was ranked No. 21.

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The 2020 monthly numbers for the North Dallas website — the number of clicks on the website — include:

No. 3 in February (57,890)
No. 4 in January 2020 (44,714)

In 2019, the North Dallas website ranked consistently in the Top 5 in Texas. The list includes number of clicks each month:

No. 3 in December (25,510)
No. 6 in November (32,940)
No. 4 in October (62,408)
No. 5 in September (54,269)
No. 8 in August (26, 450)
No. 4 in July (13,124)
No. 3 in June (20,412)
No. 2 in May (54,421)
No. 3 in April (46,879)
No. 4 in March (53,107)
No. 5 in February (40,937 )
No. 5 in January 2018 (39,633)

For all of 2018, the North Dallas website was consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the Texas rankings:

No. 6 in December (25,469)
No. 4 in November (59,756)
No. 8 in October (26,024)
No. 8 in September (28,680)
No. 21 in August (15,037)
No. 7 in July (9,351)
No. 6 in June (13,958)
No. 2 in May (56,383)
No. 2 in April (79,906 )
No. 5 in March (38,704)
No. 4 in February (28,575)
No. 6 in January 2018 (28,610)

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The Booster Club wishes to thank all of our readers for their support.

Here are the Texas rankings for the month of February: