Bulldogs News · Rusk football coach visits, participates in North Dallas summer workouts

Rusk football coach Cordell Thornton was observing the North Dallas summer program.


One of the visitors this week at the North Dallas summer workouts was Rusk football coach Cordell Thornton.

Coach Thornton said there were at least two kids from Rusk Middle School participating in the drills.

The Rusk coach not only watched and observed, he also participated in the summer drills.

“I think summer workouts are very important,” Coach Thornton said. “It gets the kids up, off the couch, off the Instagram, off the gaming system. It gets them out here working out, getting in shape. It’s good for mental health, physical health. So I think it’s a great thing allowing these kids to get out here, and work out, and get out of the house, and get away from the TV and gaming system.”

The football season at the middle schools starts on the first day of school. Participating in the North Dallas summer program, which is open for athletes in 7th through 12th grades, will help later on.

“I would assume that 80% of them are not in shape, not in playing shape,” Coach Thornton said. “Depending on what their sport is, but a majority of them are not in shape. So they definitely need to get in shape.”

Thornton said the key is building consistency and discipline with the students.

“It’s a little early, but you want to build consistency with the kids, consistency and discipline with them,” he said. “I mean what else would they be doing right now? Coming out a few days a week, an hour and half workout, is great.”

The Rusk coach looks forward to the upcoming school year.

“The athletic program at Rusk is led by our AC, Coach Bey. She has done a wonderful job of bringing organization to the program, motivation and accountability to the program,” Thornton said. “She’s really a great AC and she a great leader, and she’s build a bridge along with the coaches at North Dallas. She’s really built a relationship with the feeder  pattern, so I think it’s great thing.”

Coach Cordell Thornton follows a student through the ladder drills.

Coach Thornton completed the ladder drills.

He watched as the boys went through drills on the mats.

Coach Thornton took a turn over the bags drill.

Coach Thornton moved swiftly through the bags.

He completes the drill.


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