Bulldogs News · North Dallas defensive coordinator Carlos Perez likes what he sees: ‘We have guys that … want to make a statement this year’

Coach Carlos Perez gets the boys moving in the weight room.


After the first three weeks of summer strength and conditioning program, North Dallas defensive coordinator Carlos Perez was very pleased with the football boys’ turnout. Even on the rainy days last week, the boys still showed up for conditioning.

“Workouts have been amazing so far. We started off really strong,” he said on June 23. “We had 50 to 60 football players up here with the rain. We had a few ride issues. But I tell you what, last year, with a day like this, we wouldn’t have had that many guys show up on a rainy day.

“We have guys that are dedicated, want to be here, want to get better, want to improve, and want to make a statement this year. We have a lot of guys and we have a lot of talent. Which I think this might be one of the best groups to come through here with all the guys we have. If we could put it all together, with workouts, it would be great.”

Coach Perez was speaking before the Dallas ISD halted all summer conditioning workouts on Friday, June 26, because of the coronavirus. Four DISD high schools had already shut down workouts. The DISD will re-evaluate the summer program on Monday, July 6.

“There’s so many mixed reviews. So many different phases. Everybody sees different phases with what’s allowed and what’s not,” Coach Perez said as the boys went through the ladder drills in the school hallway. “I just want it to be as safe as possible. If we get the opportunity, that’s great. If we don’t, I understand that as well. So, we’ll play it by ear and stay on top of things. We’ll go along and see how this pandemic pans out. I know it’s been whirlwind effect all over the place. All we can do is control what we can control, and be prepared if we do get the chance.”

Coach Perez was among the coaches helping Bulldogs Head Coach Bobby Estes prepare for the summer conditioning in early June. They set up the drills with social distancing on the athletic field as well as in the weight room. There’s also no contact among the athletes in any of the drills.

“I think we’ve done a really good job. The coaches have done a really good job in setting things up where we are spaced out in the weight room,” Coach Perez said. “We have a process to keep social distancing right now. Even when we go skills, there’s no offense vs. defense. There’s no way touching other people. We’re strictly learning the technique, learning the process.

“Like yesterday, we just took guys into the hallway and spread out. We talked. We’re learning a lot of the mental part of the game. A lot of things that we can control right now with the COVID. We just want to be prepared as much as possible when that time comes if we do get a chance to play this fall.”


Coach Carlos Perez leads the boys in the weight room.

Coach Perez talks with trainer Nicholas Saldivar about settting up the field for the athletes.


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I like being here wiht these guys. Go Bulldogs!