Bulldogs News · On first day of school, Bulldogs get ready to hit the practice field


Defensive coordinator Carlos Perez works with the linebackers group during 30 minutes of soft skills training.

The North Dallas linemen work on their defensive stance.


North Dallas Coach Bobby Estes often hears people using the term, “new normal,” but he doesn’t feel that same way.

“I don’t want this to be the new normal,” he said the other day. “I want this to be an extraordinary moment in our history. It soon goes back to the old normal.”

Coach Estes and the Bulldogs will open football workouts with five days of conditioning, starting Tuesday morning before the first day of school.

The North Dallas players and coaches will be wearing masks, or a gaiter, when they’re on the athletic field, said Coach Estes.

“It’s exciting. We have high expectations and we have a task in front of us,” he said. “We got a job to do. It will be a little bit different because of the virtual situation and navigating virtual school with in-person football. It will be more like college classes. We’re going to try to work in the morning as long as we can and see how successful we are at that.  That could change if we feel we’re not getting everything we could get out of it.”

Despite the pandemic, Coach Estes has remained hopeful about the upcoming season.

“Coaches, educators, we’re fairly resilent,” he said. “I remember one lady one time told me, it’s just a bell schedule. You’re still doing what you’re doing. As long as I’m blowing a whistle come Tuesday, my world will kind of level out a little bit. That’s what’s necessary.”

Estes keeps up with the daily developments on the coronavirus pandemic. There’s talk that a vaccine could be ready by November, or also by next year.

“Hopefully by June, we’re back to being normal,” Estes said, looking ahead. “I don’t enjoy coaching with a mask on but that’s what’s necessary for us right now.

“For me, it’s about being able to spend time with the kids.”


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