Bulldogs News · Meet the North Dallas Booster Club officers

In September, the North Dallas Booster Club held the Taco Tailgate fundraiser at the Church of the Incarnation. The Booster Club officers, President Jessica De Paz (middle) and treasurer Melanie Wester, stand with Alexis Gandara (left) and general manager Blake Lewis of Dickey’s Barbecue and Sara Snowden (right) of the church.


The North Dallas Booster Club has been actively trying to raise funds for the sports programs at North Dallas High School.

Since taking over the Booster Club in November 2019, the leadership of President Jessica De Paz and Treasurer Melanie Wester have been focused on the student-athletes at North Dallas.

In the past year, the Booster Club has:

  • Entered a partnership with Dickey’s Barbecue, the corporate location at 2525 Wycliff Ave.
  • Developed new leadership that includes three parents on the executive board.
  • Purchased new merchandize to sell.
  • Organized fundraisers such as the Taco Tailgate and selling merchandise at the games.
  • Funded various necessities for Vikingettes and sports teams.
  • The Booster Club and the PIE group worked together to feed the football team, Vikingettes, marching band, and Ebony & Orange Auxillary for the UIL playoff game.

President De Paz recently welcomed parents George Davidson Reed as vice president and Claudia Aranda-Peña as secretary to the leadership team recently.

If you wish to make a donation to the Booster Club, click here.

Here is a look at the officers:

President Jessica Paramo De Paz:  Jessica is from the alumni Class of 2005. During her years at ND, she was a Vikingette Lieutenant, the photographer in chief for both the Viking yearbook and Compass newspaper.  She is married to fellow alumni and football receiver, Rufino De Paz,  Class of 2006. Together, they have two daughters. “My parents, and our siblings went to ND, so our girls will have no choice but to carry on the family tradition. They are future Bulldogs/ Vikingettes.” Jessica has experience  in advertising  and marketing. She spent six years at a Dallas advertising agency and is now pursuing a career in special education. Her goals are to increase membership of the Booster Club, gain community support and  grow school spirit. During her term, she along with  Treasurer Melanie, have established a relationship with Dickey’s Barbecue that has provided meals for athletes, secured funds, and is currently in the process of creating a hangout space for the students at the Dickey’s corporate restaurant on Wycliff Avenue. She hopes to help set a foundation for the future of the Booster Club.


Son McKelvy Barnett and George Davidson Reed

Vice President George Davidson Reed: George is a native of Mississippi but made his home in North Dallas. George has previously served on the Band Board at J.L. Long.  He’s the father of an ACTIVE 9th grader, McKelvy Barnett, who plays multiple sports, is an avid gamer (Fortnite) with loads of other interests.  George holds an MBA in marketing and is currently a director of sales in Texas. He is passionate about community improvement, economic equity, empowering youth for success and helping others.  Through organizations like Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc., he participates in their National GuideRight Program as well as Kappa League, and through their church, Pilgrim Rest MB Church partnered with The Church of the Incarnation, he and his sons have spent summers on mission trips building homes and opening schools to improve the world globally. George is excited about what North Dallas High School offers to the students in academia, sports, and extracurricular opportunities as well as the value North Dallas High School offers to it’s immediate feeder pattern. His goals includes partner with local businesses to gain additional sponsorships and with parents to continue growing support for some of Dallas’ most promising youth by raising funds to help sustain the athletic program.

Claudia Aranda-Pena

Secretary Claudia Aranda-Peña:  A graduate of NDHS, Claudia’s youngest child, who is curently attending NDHS, is a third-generation Bulldog. My motto is: leave everything we come in contact with, better than we found it. I am an advocate at heart. I am also a firm believer that the best thing we can do for our students is to make sure we provide the tools and support necessary to ensure a successful future for them.

Treasurer Melanie Wester: Melanie is serving her second term on the Booster Club board.  She is the mother of junior football/ track member Connor Wester.  When she is not boostering, you can probably find her on the golf course.


Jessica De Paz (left) and George Davidson Reed work on selling merchandise at a recent game at Franklin Field.

Treasurer Melanie Wester takes a break with her daughter.

President Jessica De Paz, her daughter and husband Rufino De Paz help sell merchandise at the games.


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