Bulldogs News · North Dallas renovations reveal the swimming pool floor tile and wall tile

On Jan. 5, here is a view of the old computer room. The sheetrock wall on the right side has been removed and now you can see the pool tile.

Here is a look at the computer room on Dec. 22.  The door straight ahead leads to two other rooms.


The renovations at North Dallas are moving right along. The workers for Sedalco Contruction Services have uncovered the floor tile and wall tile of the old swimming pool. The pool is in the middle area and underneath the floor. There’s plans for the workers to remove the floor and demolish the pool. In the renovation, this area will be the lunch room/kitchen. In the above photo and below, you can see the safety marker on a pallet. The pallet covers a hole that leads to the pool.  The pool was 7 feet deep and 4 feet in the shallow end.


See the pool tile on the wall, after the sheetrock wall was removed.

The entrance to the room shows the original swimming pool tile floor. The old flooring has been removed.

The swimming pool tile floor can be seen along the walls, too.

Here is the view behind the wall on Dec. 22. You can see the seating area for the swimming pool.

Here is more of the swimming floor tile in the next room.

The door in above photo is in this middle room. This room was used by the Special Education Department. See the door on right side?

Another view of that door, which leads to small storage rooms. There’s some stairs that lead up to the smaller storage rooms.

The storage room in the back has his huge bookshelf.

In this photo, you can see the beams across the top of the ceiling.

The beams in the above photo can be seen in an original photo of the pool.


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