Bulldogs News · A year later with the coronavirus, North Dallas is competing well, and there’s hope for ‘a sense of normalcy’

Coach Carlos erez talks with trainer Nicholas Saldivar and other coaches about settting up the field for summer workouts for the student athletes.

Besides working on his schedule and other activities last June, North Dallas Coach Bobby Estes was keeping up with the latest news on the coronavirus.


As North Dallas was getting ready for spring break last year, athletic coordinator and head football coach Bobby Estes recalls the rumors of spring break being extended. He also heard that other districts, which were coming back from spring break, were planning to extend the break.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs baseball team was preparing for the Lake Highlands tournament March 12-14, and the soccer teams had their final two regular-season games on March 12 and 14.

But then came the news of a lockdown for the Dallas ISD, the sports teams, and practically, the whole country.

“The original thought was we’re going to have an extended spring break until we got this under control,” Coach Estes said last week at the North Dallas boys soccer game. “And then we’ll do this and that to make things safe. We had no idea that it was going to be extended this long. I mean, you know, especially a year. Nobody could have fathom a year.

“I just remember, ‘Hey, we may get two weeks out of this,'” he recalled. “And things just started snowballing. We’re going to cancel soccer, we’re going to cancel basketball playoffs, and baseball, and we’re not going to come back to school.”

Then as the weeks went by, Coach Estes and the other coaches didn’t know when they would return or if they would have summer workouts.

“May was emotionally draining because you did not know if you were going to ever get to coach again,” Coach Estes said. “I really do appreciate the kids persevering through summer workouts and the work the coaches did to make sure summer workouts were safe. And the extra things that we did to keep kids safe throughout the season. But it was a test of our perseverances and a test of what we can overcome to get to do what we needed to do.”

The coronvirus has had a “significant” impact on the North Dallas coaching staff, Estes said.

“In my career, if you don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter, you play through it,” he said. “You tell kids, ‘Hey, it’s just a temperature.’ Well, now, if you have a temperature, you can’t practice. It’s going to change the way we do things. We’re going to be more health concious. Hopefully, it will be for the better, but there’s going to be a significant difference.”

Now, a year later, Coaches Estes is hopeful about normalcy returning to the North Dallas coaches and students.

“I’m just really grateful for us to be where we are now on the verge of us coming out of it,” he said. “I’m grateful we’ve been able to compete in sports but at the same time, it’s scary because we have friends who are not with us anymore because of COVID. It’s just shocking how a virus can change everything about our lives.

“Really looking forward to a sense of normalcy. Hopefully, it will return.”

Coach Estes noted that he has a friend, who is a coach at Conrad, who’s in the hospital.

“So, we’re not out of the woods yet. I think we need to be diligent, but at the same time, we need to celebrate our successes. Believe it or not, this year has been a competitive year for North Dallas athletics,” he said, moments after the ND boys soccer team clinched their district title.

“I’m extremely proud of our coaches and kids for persevering, adapting, and being careful,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll return to a more normal situation in the near future. But I’m extremely proud of our staff and kids and proud to be associated with them.”

The 2020 Lady Bulldogs softball team were heading toward a district title last year.

The 2020 Bulldogs baseball team had high hopes of a district title repeat. (Front, from left) Julian Davila, Joseph Mendoza, Gus Livas, Angel Rodriguez, Logan Moreno, Richard Gonzales, and Osvaldo Cabrera. (back row, from left) Bryan Martinez, Jose Garcia, Marco Garcia, Xavien Shay, Julian Canales, Robert Zapata, Tony Casarez, and Deion Medellin.

The 2020 Lady Bulldogs soccer team tied for the district championship.

The 2020 Bulldogs were looking for toward the playoffs last season.


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