Bulldogs News · North Dallas renovation project: Building a floor over the basement and looking inside the pool

In December, Sadalco Construction Services removed the water tank that sat in the basement of the building. The outside of the original North Dallas pool, which was built with the school in 1922, was adjacent to the water tank. But last week, we took a look at the area where the water tank once stood, and were able to see inside the pool.

Remember this photo of the water tank from December? When you went through the custodian’s door, it led to the boiler room or basement area. The water tank had not been used in years, and apparently it cost too much to remove it. But it was removed in the North Dallas renovation.

Now, here’s the area from the back of where the water tank once stood.

The metal railings above are part of the new kitchen floor above the basement.

Another view of the basement where the water tank sat.

This wall is the side of the pool.

This wall is the back of the pool.

An old sink in the basement.

There’s an opening to the pool. Here is a look inside the pool, which was 7 feet deep and 4 feet in the shallow side.

The beams strengthened the floor above the pool area.

Another view inside the pool.



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