Girls Varsity Soccer · North Dallas coach says Lady Bulldogs are ‘motivated to come back even stronger next season’

The Lady Bulldogs, celebrating their District 10-4A title on March 15, include (front row, from left) Johanna Delgado, Rosalyn Cisneros, Stephanie Estrada, Emma Contreras, Isis Balderas, Anaya Balderas, Lucia Arellano, Flavia Santamaria, and Meyli Centeno; (back row, from left) Mia Cervantes, Blanca Charcas, Assistant Coach Stephanie Page, Head Coach Stephanie Stein, Anais Balderas, Iliana Morfin, Genesis Velez, Abigail Galvan, Hennessy Meza, and Daisy Obregon.


North Dallas Coach Stephanie Stein is so proud of this season’s Lady Bulldogs team, despite the season-ending loss last week.

“I am extremely pleased with the incredible 2021 season we just completed,” she said in an email. “While the result of that area playoff was not what we hoped for, I am so proud of the accomplishments we have achieved throughout this season. This is the first Lady Bulldogs soccer team to make it to the Area round of the state playoffs and we had an undefeated District 10-4A season, allowing only one goal and scoring 74.”

The Lady Bulldogs also clinched the district title with three games left.
“Last season we were co-champions and it felt really good to have this one all to ourselves!” Coach Stein said. “This was also my first season to get to take the team to the playoffs, due to the 2020 quarantine. We were able to spend time celebrating our championship while preparing for what came next and we truly enjoyed that time we all spent together.”
Going into the season, Coach Stein said she knew the pandemic and COVID-19 protocols would present some challenges. In January, North Dallas had to cancel two weeks of the preseason schedule, but then had to play its first district game without any practice training.
“I’m so very proud of the girls for indeed being so patient and flexible,” Coach Stein said.
After a first-round bye in the UIL playoffs, then came Celina.
“Going into this game I knew that Celina had years of playoff experience, so we watched film, scouted their games, and trained to be competitive against this team that was predicted at the time to go to the Regional Final,” she said. “I genuinely believe that we did everything we could to compete in this game, and it was a learning experience for us all. I now know what we need to do in the off-season to be even more prepared for that kind of competition in the future.”
Coach Stein is already looking ahead to the 2022 season.
“I have already begun filling our January 2022 schedule with extremely competitive teams, the kind of games we need to play to be prepared for district and our next playoff run,” she said. “This team will greatly miss our two seniors, Iliana Morfin and Genesis Velez, but is motivated to come back even stronger next season!”

Isis Balderas (10) leads the Lady Bulldogs as they get ready to play Celina.

Juan Carpio gets the Lady Bulldogs’ sign ready.

Flavia Santamaria kicks the ball down field.

Goalkeeper Gensis Velez goes out to block a shot.

Genesis manages to knock the ball away.

Genesis stops the scoring attempt as the ball heads out of bounds.

Genesis scoops up a free kick at the goal.

Daisy Obregon (left) and Blanca Charcas smile on the sidelines.

Genesis made save after save but got hurt in the second half. The senior came back later to finish the game.

Flavia Santamaria makes a run down the field.

Isis Balderas pauses for a moment.

Blanca Charcas goes after the ball.

Anais Balderas (12) takes a pass from Iliana Morfin.

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